About the history of Swarovski and the quality of crystals

The history of Swarovski crystals is actually not only interesting, but also certainly inspiring. It is the story of a simple guy, Daniel Swarovski. He was able to create his own company and develop it into an influential brand, which is now known all over the world and earns profits in the amount of billions of euros.

For more than 120 years, the Swarovski brand has stood out from other companies. It has been able to maintain its position and has demonstrated unbreakable competitiveness. To this day, the Swarovski brand cuts some of the world's finest crystals, which are used in jewelry, clothing and footwear, decorations and accessories.

Today, Swarovski crystals are a fashion icon, adorning the most unimaginable things and often defining status in society. This year, a social media star surprised the world with a Lamborghini car covered in more than 2 million Swarovski crystals.

Swarovski crystals on the car

History of the Swarovski brand

The story of the Swarovski brand began with man-made gems originating from Austria. Although not everyone knows, these gems are actually made of glass using a special and secret technology. The company's story begins in the 19th century in the Czech Republic, where Daniel Swarovski's father owned a small glass factory. Learning from his father and learning the best glass grinding techniques, Daniel quickly became a skilled and knowledgeable glass grinder.

In 1892, Daniels acquired a device that made glass cutting a much faster and more efficient process. With the help of quartz, sand, minerals and this newly acquired device, unimaginably beautiful, precisely cut and high quality crystals were created. The proportions of the raw materials are kept as a secret of the family business, which is still not disclosed. This is what determines the high quality of crystals and is the reason why Swarovski is on the top of the leaderboard even after almost 130 years of operation.

In search of a more favorable location for the company's operations, Swarovski was moved to Austria in 1895, and now the main point of crystal production was Wattens. It is a very beautiful place that is still one of the main tourist attractions in the whole of Austria. This place is called Kristallwelten and it offers an unforgettable multimedia show to the visitors of the crystal factory. It is an opportunity to feast your eyes not only with the beautiful surroundings, but also to learn more about Swarovski crystals with visually amazing sparkle and crystal-filled alleys, decorations and light shows.

In 1989, the Swarovski brand logo was changed from the original edelweiss flower to a swan. The Edelweiss flower represented alpinism and chastity, which initially seemed appropriate for the brand's logo due to both the location and the sparkle of the crystals. However, as time went by, the company decided to change the brand's recognizable symbol to a swan, which radiates not only strength and grace, but also elegance and sophistication. This suited the brand particularly well in the 1950s, when Swarovski crystals began to take over the fashion world. They appeared in clothes, were used as decorations in hairstyles and served as a huge source of inspiration for such world-class designers as Coco Chanel. Also, one cannot fail to mention the flow of Swarovski's popularity, which brought the crystals into show business, appearing in such iconic Hollywood films as Gentlemen Choose Blondes with Marilyn Monroe.

Five generations later, Swarovski still continues to produce the world's most recognizable crystals from its own factory in Wattens, Austria.

Swarovski crystal factory in the Alps

Swarovski crystal quality

Being at the top of the global crystal brand charts, the Swarovski company is known for the high quality of its products. Crystals with imperfections, in between, bubbles and streaks, are not considered full-fledged crystals in the Swarovski factory. High quality is the main condition of the brand, according to which precious stones are produced, and if instead of a dazzling and sparkling crystal, a cloudy, non-reflective stone is seen - this is considered a performance that does not meet Swarovski standards.

The brand prides itself on its quality standards and makes sure that the global fame it has earned is justified. Genuine Swarovski crystals must be identical. They must exude confidence in their authenticity and design to meet the high manufacturing standards set by Swarovski. Crystals must meet several conditions to be considered high quality.

EU regulations stipulate that the crystal contains at least 24% lead admixture. Swarovski crystals are made from glass with a lead concentration of 32%, which is an expressive indicator of quality in itself. Although lead is a toxic substance, it should be noted that this amount of lead in crystals is not harmful to the human body. In addition, it is the addition of lead to the glass that gives the crystal that extra sparkle that is so characteristic of Swarovski jewelry. The brand's crystal-making device is so powerful and precise that it can create a crystal with up to 100 facets to mirror and bend light in different directions. After this cutting process, the crystal is polished to perfection. Certain crystals have a special coating. AB crystals, for example, have a metallic coating that reflects light in a rainbow pattern like a chameleon.

Going back to quality standards, Swarovski crystals must be identical in both cut and size. Their facade must be transparent - without bubbles, without scratches, without an oily sheen. Genuine Swarovski crystal is polished to perfection. The luster of each crystal should resemble that of a diamond, and all facets should meet and point upwards. Colored crystals must be clearly of the same shade. Absolute precision is absolutely necessary in the visual design of Swarovski crystals. Crystals are sold individually - not bound together. The exception is pearls produced by Swarovski. Also, it is especially important for the Swarovski brand that crystals are purchased exclusively from an authorized representative of the company.

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