How to care for and store jewelry so that it lasts a long time

We share tips related to jewelry care. There are many different factors that affect the condition of jewelry, so it is important to properly clean and store it to minimize the harmful effects. We have collected proven recommendations on how to preserve the shine of your favorite luxury items for longer.

how to care for earrings

Environmental effects on jewelry

When engaging in physical activities, such as playing sports or cleaning the house, we recommend removing jewelry so that it does not deform as a result of mechanical impact.

Apply cosmetics before jewelry is put on, thus minimizing the product's contact with chemicals. The gold coating can be damaged both by the alcohol contained in perfumes and by the essential oils and active substances contained in creams and serums.

It is advisable to remove the jewelry if swimming or entering the pool or bath is planned. Water can leave dark stains on the coating. Swimming in salty water will be especially harmful.

Jewelry storage

Do not keep jewelry in rooms with high humidity and in cellophane bags so that the coating does not become stained. A completely inappropriate place will be in the bathroom.

It is best to store jewelry in dry and well-ventilated places, in special chests or boxes, where they are protected from moisture and exposure to the environment.

When putting jewelry in a box, put each item separately so that they do not scratch each other.

Natural stones should be protected from sunlight, as they can fade over time.

jewelry storage box

Jewelry cleaning

After wearing the jewelry, clean it with a dry, soft cloth.

If the jewelry gets dirty, rinse it under cool running water and wipe it with a dry, soft cloth.

Coated jewelry should not be cleaned with abrasives, with ultrasound or soaked in chemicals.

Silver can warp from contact with air. It is best to polish the swing with a soft cloth. Do not rub with a sharp object - silver is a soft metal and the jewelry will be scratched.

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