An elegant gift for a man on holidays

It is sometimes more difficult for men to choose a holiday gift, because the idea of ​​the right and suitable gift does not come to mind. The only thing that is clear is that the gift must be elegant, beautiful and also personal. Men also like to dress up and feel good, so why not give a masculine and elegant gift from Nela Gems?

Men's bracelet with engraved locket

Even though we create gifts mostly for women, it doesn't mean that we haven't also taken care of accessories for men, both for everyday life and for holidays. A men's bracelet is a universal and at the same time elegant piece of jewelry that will brighten up a man's image and give him a special charm.

The best thing is that the stones of the bracelet can be adjusted to the man's personality, giving not only a beautiful accessory, but also peace, mind, stability or willpower. We believe that each stone embodies a special energy that will make the recipient of the gift stronger, more positive and successful in the future. It depends on the chosen stone.

Lava stones - for peace and stability

Lava stone is known for its stability and calming properties. Being in a constant daily rush and running errands, a bracelet made of lava stones could provide additional peace. It is a stone of emotional rebirth, which allows you to get rid of unwanted emotions and harmful habits.

Similarly, lava stones help to realize the set goals. This energy will be useful both for those who are more shy and sometimes want to be more self-confident, as well as for those who would sometimes benefit from controlling their temper and emotions.

For the men's bracelet, you can choose ordinary lava stones for peace, which are matte brownish in color. Or choose porous lava stones, designed to transmit more stable energy. Both choices convey very positive wishes and are a beautiful addition to a man's accessories.

Hematite stones - for the mind

Hematite stone is also known as mind stone. It helps balance emotions and energies between the body, mind and spirit, and calms anger. Hematite is known to dispel negative thoughts and energies, transforming them into love.

Similarly, hematite stones warm and activate the body, creating a feeling of strength. They relieve tension, especially during flights, improve energy and heart rate. They are known as intuition enhancers - a symbol of wisdom and courage. Therefore, this choice will definitely be suitable for a real brave and courageous person.

In appearance, hematite stones are silvery in color and obviously sparkle and sparkle. The bracelet is crafted from a durable steel finish, while the beautiful hematite stones are a perfect middle ground between masculinity, strength of mind and sparkling elegance.

Tiger eye stones – for willpower

Tiger eye stones carry strong masculine energy. They are strongly related to willpower and also help in painful situations - both emotional and physical. It is a protective stone that protects the aura from negative influences and brings good luck to the recipient of the gift.

Tiger's eye stone is also called cat's eye, falcon's eye or hawk's eye. By using the eye of the tiger to increase your focus, you can become a very successful person in this way. You just have to believe it yourself and these stones definitely provide positive thinking energy and determination that is useful for everyone.

In terms of appearance, tiger eye stones have a brownish shade of various shades - they are shiny and each of the stones has a unique and original look.

Personalized bracelet locket

Once the right stone for the man is chosen, it is possible to add an engraved locket to the bracelet. Its coating can be made in both gold and silver color. The locket is small and inconspicuous, but serves as a beautiful centerpiece of the bracelet.

Personalized gifts always add extra emotional value, as they show care and special attention to the recipient. The locket is large enough to engrave a specific symbol on it – a man's initials, a special date or a year. If this gift is intended for a beloved man, perhaps a great idea is to indicate the first meeting or some other significant date that the man will appreciate on the locket.

What could be better than a gift that you have chosen yourself - from a stone to a message engraved in a locket? Personal and elegant. May you succeed in pleasing!

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